Skip Candy Crush Saga Level

Candy Crush SagaThe ability to skip a level in Candy Crush Saga is still the main thing on my game wish list, keeping in mind I know I’m not alone; it appears that players aren’t the main ones who need the characteristic as well.

One developer has gone on record with and admitted that “he would love to see the game implement a level skipping feature.” Unfortunately, and for whatever reason, his suggestion has been shot down.

Why? King admits that drop-off (i.e., individuals stop to play game when it gets to be either excessively challenging or excessively exhausting) is one of its essential concerns and additionally notes—with disappointment, presumably that most players never get to see all the new levels developers keep on creating.

Having the capacity to skip troublesome levels appears to be an evident answer for these issues, and despite the fact that “some perspective it as conning,” it could be amazingly gainful. It would appear to be a win, truly: players might be upbeat, coders’ work might be increased in value by additional individuals, and King might profit (expecting that skipping would cost some money).

In my opinion, King should provide a new booster to skip any level. He can put conditions to use this booster i.e. it can be used only on post 20 attempts on same level or more, and can fix a played time for each attempt. Booster can be added in ‘Daily Booster Wheel’ and can be available for purchase only.

Daily Booster Wheel

Daily Booster Wheel

If level skipping will ever be added to the game is obscure right now, however in any event somebody at King is talking (or has talked) about it. Possibly it’s only a matter of time before the right people start listening.

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