Candy Crush Level 135 Cheats

Candy Crush 135 Tips

Candy Crush 135 Tips

Objective: At least 10,000 points in 45 moves.


  • Some may contend that the chocolates aren’t dire in this level–but they’re pestering. In the event that you open up with a board that doesn’t have numerous matches, attempt and get out the chocolate. Its duplicating propensities can truly impede making a 5-candy combination.
  • When you framed your second color bomb, you’ll recognize the falls in level 135 get really long. Utilize the course further bolstering your good fortune, set off combinations low on the screen and look as color bomb make themselves.
  • Your principle objective here is to gather 5 color bombs, so make it your primary centering. Attempt to make L and T shapes.
  • When you have shaped a color bomb, attempt and enact it with an alternate bomb shell to clear out the entire board.

Stars & Points: 1 Star – 10,000 Points; 2 Stars –  70,000 Points; 3 Stars – 95,000 Points.

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