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Candy Crush Saga is most popular game developed by King. No wonder if you are one of its players. I love the game and play daily. - Guide & Tips to play Candy Crush Saga

Here I am sharing some information for new users.

Candy Crush Saga currently has 530 levels, all within 36 episodes. Every episode has 15 levels except for the first two, which only have 10. Candy Crush covered entire levels within 6 worlds. If you get difficulties at any levels then game ask you your interest. You vote whether the level is interested or not. So we can say that the game is well managed, and easy to learn or easy to judge individuals progress.

Apart from 6 worlds, the game has one more world named Dream World. It is a new world and is separate from the main candy crush saga. This world has total 140 levels. When player complete any episode and does not have permission to enter into new episode then he can play in Dream world. At this point players have two options either spend money to enter into new episode or ask Facebook friend for help. Do Dream world is really like a dream, you can play even you don’t have permission to enter into episode. Yes, you must have lives to play.

Also all the levels are of certain type. Each level is on the basis of anyone mentioned below-

  • Moves: Get a fix amount of points in a fix number of moves
  • Jelly: Clear all the jelly on the board
  • Ingredients: Bring all the ingredients down to the bottom of the board
  • Timed: Get a certain number of points within the time limit
  • Candy Order: Crush the number of candies given on the board in a fix number of moves

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Candy Crush it – Guide, Tips & Videos to play Candy Crush Saga

Today I am here to introduce you all to my earlier published website named “Candy Crush IT”.

Candy Crush IT - Guide, Tips & Videos to play Candy Crush Saga

Idea behind this website came from “Candy Crush 135“. Months ago I got too much difficulty while playing Candy Crush Saga Level 135. So I created a blog “Candy Crush 135” to provide guide and tips especially for level 135. And later I got very good response from that blog so I convert that into web look and decide to develop another website to provide tips to play entire Candy Crush levels.

Candy Crush it” has everything you need to know to play Candy Crush Saga well. Till date I have updated up to level 464 and soon will update other levels too.

Website has separate page for each level. At each level you will get a tutorial, tips and video for that particular level. Tricks’ explanations using video is the best part of this website. Video is most helpful if someone is slow in English.

Overall it is a fantastic website. We explain everything deeply i.e. number of episodes and levels in each episode. It will help you if you want deep details about game before playing.

Keep visiting our blog to get updates from “Candy Crush it” and to get updates about King and Candy Crush Saga.

Suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to contact or  Tweet me at @michaelyork_

Candy Crush Saga and Candy Swipe have settled their dispute

Candy Crush Saga and Candy Swipe have settled their disputeThe independent developer of Candy Swipe is withdrawing its resistance to King’s Candy Crush Saga after at first blaming the developers for replicating its game.
Back in February, in the wake of King sought after copyright claims against game with the statement “Candy” or “Saga” in their titles, president of Runsome Apps Albert Ransom composed a public statement that brought up the similitudes between his game, Candy Swipe, and Candy Crush Saga, which was discharged two years after Candy Swipe.

“When you attempted to register your trademark in 2012, I opposed it for ‘likelihood of confusion’ (which is within my legal right) given I filed for my registered trademark back in 2010 (two years before Candy Crush Saga existed),” Ransom said. “Now, after quietly battling this trademark opposition for a year, I have learned that you now want to cancel my Candy Swipe trademark so that I don’t have the right to use my own game’s name.”
Payoff charged that King obtained the rights to a game called Candy Crusher, which permitted it to test his own particular trademark holding Candy.

On the other hand, recently, Ransom supplanted the public statement presented on his site with the following message:
“I am happy to announce that I have amicably resolved my dispute with King over my Candy Swipe trademark and that I am withdrawing my opposition to their mark and they are withdrawing their counterclaim against mine. I have learned that they picked the CANDY CRUSH name before I released my game and that they were never trying to take my game away. Both our games can continue to coexist without confusing players.”

Back in March, The Banner Saga designer Stoic likewise said it arrived at a concurrence with King, which empowers both gatherings to ensure their particular trademarks. King has since derelict its deliberations to trademark the word “candy“.

Microtransactions based business model “Free-to-play”

King’s Tommy Palm says “I think all organizations need to move over to” the microtransaction-based plan of action.

As stated by Candy Crush developer King, the future of gaming will be about free-to-play and microtransaction-based plans of action.

Candy Crush Saga - Free to Play

“The microtransaction is so solid and its doubtlessly a greatly improved model,” King Games Guru Tommy Palm told IGN. “I think all organizations need to move over to that.”

Palm recognized that “hardcore gamers” are not glad about the free- to-play/microtransaction model at this time, yet he says they’ll come around.

“On the off chance that you got some information about the long haul, ‘would you like to keep playing your most loved game for a considerable length of time to come?’ And the response will be yes.”

Palm is discussing the “game as a service” model, whereby a game is even more a stage through which new substance is conveyed on a customary groundwork.

Additionally in the interview, Palm said developers must verify they are not “milking” consumers through “insatiable” monetization practices.

“I think for organizations it is very important to discover a high-quality sense of balance. Free-to-play games are troublesome to do, and you truly need to be great at making it feel adjusted to the gamers. So it’s not excessively greedy,” he said.

Palm called attention to that King has received the act of planning its recreations, in the same way as Candy Crush Saga, so they never drive players to pay. This isn’t simply a thought, its existence, as Palm said that more than 50% of the players who arrived at the last level in Candy Crush did not pay to get there.

More than 93 million individuals play Candy Crush Saga each day. At long last, Palm referred to Blizzard Entertainment’s game Hearthstone as Free-to-play title done well.

“It’s an incredible illustration of F2p game that is made truly well; it’s generally adjusted, and I don’t think numerous individuals are whining about that plan of action,” he said. “It’s not difficult to check whether there’s idea that is near your heart. It works out truly well.”

Just completed Candy Crush Saga Level 135

I am writing to share my experience of playing Candy Crush Saga Level 135.

  • Let’s start from beginning.

Candy Crush Level 135

  •  To clear the level my target was to collect 5 color bombs within 45 Moves and need to collect at least 10 K points.

1 Start – 10 K

2 star – 70 K

3 star – 95 K

Starting to play Candy Crush Level 135

  • Below images will show how I completed the level. This image is showing how I collected first color bomb.

Collect first Color Bomb

  • The last color bomb

Collected Last Color Bomb

  • And the result is below

Last Color Bomb Collected

  • Above color bomb was the last required color bomb. Post getting that all remaining 38 moves converted into special candies and I reach from 51,460 points to 167,360 point.

Special Candies Activated

  • Finally the level 135 was completed.

Candy Crush Saga Level 135 Completed

Visit us at Candy Crush 135 to get tips to play level 135 and visit at Candy Crush IT to get tips to play entire Candy Crush Saga levels.

Top three Games from

We all know Candy Crush Saga very well. It was developed by King. It is most popular Candy Matching Game. Apart from this, king has credit of creating many other games too. I am creating this story to tell you more about Candy Crush Saga, and Top three games from

King Digital Entertainment plc, also known as King, is a casual-social games company, and the largest game developer on Facebook. King develops games for the web, for mobile (both iOS and Android), and for Facebook. Visit Wikipedia to read more about it.

Candy Crush Saga, Papa Pear Saga and Farm Heroes Saga are top three game from Candy Crush Saga was released on April 12, 2012 for, and then released on November 14, 2012 for smart phones. Visit next link to know more about Candy Crush Saga. –

Top three games from

The company releases new games every month. In March 2013, King launched 2 new games on Facebook, Farm Heroes Saga and Papa Pear Saga. Below three links are for all three games. You can enjoy them!

  1. Candy Crush Saga
  2. Farm Heroes Saga
  3. Papa Pear Saga

Many websites are providing Guide and Tips to play above games well. So along with King, other individuals also getting benefit from games.