King’s Tips To Play Candy Crush Saga

King is the developer of game Candy Crush Saga. Now days Candy Crush Saga became a most popular game. It was most downloaded in 2013. Tips from are as below.

King's Tips

King’s Tips

  • Matching five candies in a row create a Color Bomb. Combining a Color Bomb with any a candy of any color will clear all the candies of that color.
  • Sugar Crush: At the end of a level, if you still have Moves remaining or if there are any Special Candies remaining then there is a sequence where you get bonus score since you performed so well.
  • In Candy Land, players have five lives to start with. When failing a level, a player loses a life, but the life is replenished (for free) after 30 minutes.
  • Sometimes you need to reconnect to Facebook again to get your Facebook messages. You can do this in the main menu by tapping the Connect icon.
  • You can play the full game without ever connecting to Facebook. You can even play Candy Crush Saga without an internet connection.
  • Charms are permanent. This means that once you buy a charm it is yours to keep forever. This also means that they may cost slightly more than other items in the game that you consume and buy over and over again.
  • Some Charms, like the Charm of Frozen Time, can be toggled on and off from the screen that appears when tapping a button on the map, right next to the Boosters. Other Charms, like the Charm of Stripes, is used inside the level during game play, and is accessed by tapping the corresponding button in the top left corner of the screen. The Charm of Life is always active.
  • Boosters come with a number of charges. Once you use the Booster, one charge is consumed. Boosters are much cheaper than most Charms and can be quite helpful if you find yourself in a pickle or if you are stuck on a particularly tricky level.

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Candy Crush Tips

I am sharing some information and tips about Candy Crush Saga. It is a candy-matching entertaining game. The developer of this game is King. The game was released on April 12, 2012 for, and then released on November 14, 2012 for phones/tabs.

Candy Crush Tips

Candy Crush Tips

  • Matching Three Candies Is Great, but Four or More Is Awesome

Wouldn’t it be great if we could confront it; matching three correspondingly shaded bits of candy is a piece of cake. Assuming that you truly need to help your score, match four or five. Matching four creates unique candy that, when joined together with two different bits of the same color, wipes out an entire column. Five, then again, generates an extraordinary candy that, when matched, annihilates all likewise shaded pieces on the whole board.

Tip: Combine special candies for screen-clearing effects.

  • Keep Close Eye On Number Of Turns

You just have a fix number of turns to finish a stage, which the game shows at the base of the screen. Without a doubt watch it constantly. Indeed, you may as well consider that number with each one turn.

  • Don’t Waste Turns

It’s so natural to match confections supposing you’re making an incredible showing, when it’s the precise inverse. Assuming that the remaining bit of jelly (all the more on that in a bit) is on the lower  left corner of a gigantic puzzle, don’t waste turns by matching candies on the upper right.

Tip: You must achieve a certain number of points to beat a puzzle.

  • Jelly Doesn’t Move

This is a simple mix-up. Throughout the jelly themed levels, the actual jelly pieces can’t be moved. Rather, you’re fit to move the diverse bits of candy. Continuously contemplate the best conceivable approaches to evacuate jelly by deliberately putting different candies in place.

  • Losing Comes With Great Effects

When you first start to play Candy Crush Saga, the game just supplies you with a certain number of turns; think about these as lives. When those run out, you have three alternatives: put the game down and wait for additional lives to show up, ask Facebook friend for free lives or buy more for $0.99.

  • You Need To Unlock and Pay For Boosters

Unlocking a Booster doesn’t mean the game will simply give it out for nothing. Everyone costs money. Boosters include:

Jelly Fish ($1.99): Add jellyfish to candy, then clears three bits of jelly when matched.

Additional Moves ($0.99): Add five additional moves to a puzzle.

Candy Hammer ($1.99): Smash candy to remove it.

  • Purchase Charms

These uncommon things are yours to keep, and extraordinarily affect the game. The first; charm of Life ($16.99), increments your lives from five to eight.

  • Hints from Game

In the event that you take excessively long making a move, the game will spotlight potential matches. It is to help you and good for beginners. As per goal, these moves may not be in your best investment.

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Turn off Candy Crush Saga’s Facebook notification within 5 minutes

Stop Candy Crush Notifications

Stop Candy Crush Notifications

I am Candy Crush Saga user and enjoying this game from last few months. I was tired from its notifications therefor I get solution of problem and fixed that. Now I am sharing my experience with you. If you are you are tired of getting Candy Crush Facebook notifications from friends there is a simple approach to stop the consistent asking for lives and moves that ping your iphone or Android constantly of the day and night.

Candy Crush Saga is one of the top Facebook, Android and iphone game and users ask their friends for help when they are out of lives/moves. The application has to option to get lives:

  1. Allow users to purchase lives/moves as in application.
  2. Ask any Facebook friend for additional moves or lives as opposed to using cash.

If you get Candy Crush Saga’s Facebook notices on your iphone, Android or other device you will have to go online to the primary Facebook page to turn them off.

This will likewise permit you to turn off Candy Crush’s capacity to post openly to your Facebook timeline. It will take around of 5 minutes to complete this process (Turn off notification). Follow below steps –

  1. Login your account from computer.
  2. In the upper right, click on the Settings symbol and after that on Settings.
  3. On the next page, click on Apps on the left side of the screen.Turn off Candy Crush Saga's Facebook notification
  4. If you don’t see Candy Crush listed in the first group of apps click on the Show All Apps link.
  5. Find Candy Crush Saga by scrolling or CTRL+F(type candy crush Saga) to search.
  6. If you still don’t see the application on page you need to play Candy Crush Saga (1 minute is enough) to get it to show up.
  7. Once you found Candy Crush Saga Click on Edit.

    Turn off Candy Crush Saga's Facebook notification

    Turn off Candy Crush Saga’s Facebook notification

  8. Under “When to notify you”, click the box and choose NEVER.Turn off Candy Crush Saga's Facebook notification

Congrats! You have been stopped the Candy Crush Facebook notifications.

Tips to play Candy Crush Saga

I am playing Candy Crush Saga from 2013. I found this game most interesting and popular. So I thought to share my tips to others to play well. Follow the below mentioned steps to play well.

  • Number of matching candies: Try to not to crush candies by matching three candies only. Always try to match 4/5 candies together so that you can create special candy which is more useful.

1 (2)

  • Try to create many special candies and crush them together to get extra points and to finish level easily.

Special Candies

  • Jelly in corner/bottom: You should take time in analyzing how you can reach corner/bottom’s jelly because such jelly creates big problems of moves or time. You may try to crush them first.

Corner's Candy

  • Use daily booster: Boosters help you to clear any level easily. When you play then boosters unlocked as per game’s rule. And you can purchase too. But Candy Crush Saga provide free daily booster. You just need to start Candy Crush Saga, Open daily booster wheel from bottom, spin wheel and stop. When the wheel will be stop then the booster which will be in front of arrow will be unlocked. You can use that booster now.Daily Booster
  • Use all the moves: When target achieved then the level completes and new level starts. So what if you have achieved the target and your moves? You should utilize that too. You should try to utilize all your moves. To utilize all the moves use following trick (i.e. you need to clear all the jelly): When you are about to finish level, don’t finish. And fix candies in such a way that you can complete level in fix number of moves. Use remaining moves to make points and when only required moves left then finish the level by clearing all the jelly. By doing so, you can make extra points.Number of moves
  • Extra Lives by cheating time: Many players use this technique and many don’t know about it. This trick is for mobile users, who don’t use their Facebook account to play Candy Crush Saga and play from mobiles. By using this trick mobile users can get extra lives. You only need to set the clock time few hours ahead and then start to play again. You can do simply from your phone’s Time and Date Settings. You will have to take care about AM/PM if you will change the time around 12. By doing so, you will get extra lives.Time Cheating
  • Importance of Fish Candies: Fish candies play a very good role in this game because they work on remaining jelly that’s currently out of your reach in the level. It is better if you save your fish candies to use in the last of level because at that time you may require a big help. By doing so, you will complete levels fast.Fish Candies
  • Utilizing +5 Candy: +5 Candies are the candies which increase your time by 5 second. So if you crush 4 such candies then your time will increase by 20 second. So never leave +5 candies uncrushed. Crush them and increase your time.+5 candies

These are common steps can help in many levels. I don’t know what you think about level 135 but I found this level the most difficult level of this game. So I create a different website specially for level 135.

An open letter on intellectual property

King has distributed a public statement responding to company’s earlier moves to trademark the word ‘Candy‘. The discussion has stretched out to a game called Pac-Avoid, published by King, which was blamed for being a clone of an existing game called ScamperGhost which had been pitched to King before being distributed somewhere else.

In a letter planning to “set the record straight”, CEO Riccardo Zacconi apologised for Pac-Avoid, yet guarded his organization’s decision to file for trademarks dependent upon its later diversions, while contradicting Stoic’s documenting.

Visit the link to read original letter. Don’t forget to visit our website Candy Crush 135.

King’s Open Letter

I am writing about King’s OPEN LETTER which is about Candy Crush Saga. So, first you should know what Candy Crush Saga is?  It is a candy-matching game, developed by King. This game was released on April 12, 2012 for, and then released on November 14, 2012 for i-phones, smart phones, tab etc. Initially the game, which was released in April of 2012, had only 500 levels. Now Candy Crush Saga have 500+ levels because King continually adds more.

King's Trademark 'Candy'

Messages from Apple

On post approval of trademark for word “CANDY“, the game developers whose games incorporate the statement “Candy”, got emails from Apple in the interest of King. King is the developer of Candy Crush Saga. Emails stated that remove the world candy from their game or prove that it is not affecting our product. In my opinion it is a good protection and should be done by every business man to protect his product/property.


Why king released Open Letter?

Open letter was released on January 27, 2014. Review that by following external link – An open letter on intellectual property.

You must know that Candy Crush Saga was on the top of free downloaded application for 2013. It was downloaded more than 500 million times since its start in 2012. Its popularity is increasing day by day. From past few months peoples are used to talking about Candy Crush Saga, King’s trademark etc. King became the most discussed topic over internet. Many blogs, forum, articles etc are here to describe king’s action/reaction about game. And on post approval of King’s trademark developers attacked on King’s company by blogs, articles, press release etc. So King released a letter responding to attacks on the company’s recent moves to trademark the word ‘Candy’. It is let other know King’s intention.

Candy Crush Saga’s earning

Midasplayer reported, the turnover of €26.6m (£22.1m) and a net profit of €5.3m for the year 2012, compared to €30m and a €209k loss respectively in 2011. And for 2013, Candy Crush Saga was generating revenues of $3.5m a day.