Journey to Candy Crush Saga Tips

Well… I always post about candy crush saga… I post about candy crush tips… I provide you guide to play well… I share videos for better understanding… I share images to pay your attention exactly at the post you are looking for and much more…

May be many followers willing to know why am I sharing it all? Why am here only for candy crush saga? OR am I working any other similar project? And what exactly my intention is behind my stuff?

Journey to Candy Crush Saga Tips

Anyways, today I am just writing to answer some of such questions so that visitors of this blog can know whom they are about to follow.

I am Candy Crush Saga Lover and crazy about playing it. I’ve my own business and I play this game (mostly on phone) whenever I got time. As you all know this game has too much challenges at each episode, at each level and in every move; so I got some difficulties while playing. I started to consult with my friends then I came to know that all have any difficulty at any point. I found that the same level is hard for someone while easy for others. And specially the challenges with game limitations i.e. live limit, time limit, move limit etc…

First time when I was upset, playing level 135. Now it is easy to me but it was hard for first time. I was unable to clear level in many attempts. Once I decided to purchase boosters and was about to buy but I stopped by a friend and we decide to attempt once more. We start in a new way, we took help from Google… I used others tips and was happy by getting one start and it was FREE.

At that time I thought to create my own web to help others. It was just for fun, nothing more. And I published my first website “Candy Crush 135“. Fortunately, I got good visitors on this website. So it was understood that the visitors are taking interest in my website. It was a great motivation to me.

Later I published few similar website for following-

Now I am working on a website providing tips to play entire levels of candy crush saga. Please visit above mentioned website and share your feedback. Any advice will be appreciated. Also make sure to follow me to get regular updates.