Candy Crush Level 147 Guide

You’ve been crushing candies for weeks and all of a sudden you discover yourself swindled on level 147, one of the most famously troublesome levels out there. Well have no fear in light of the fact that with my convenient tips and tricks I will have you level 148 instantly.

Candy Crush Level 147

The objective in Candy Crush level 147 is Clear 52 double jelly squares and scores at least 125,000 points in 50 moves. Take after our helpful clues to accomplish candy crush achievement. I’ve divided this page into parts so you can without much of a stretch explore your path through to level 148.

Candy Crush 147 Stars:

  • 1 star: 125,000 points
  • 2 stars: 190,000 points
  • 3 stars: 230,000 points

Level 147 Tip 1: Eliminate all hard jelly in center column first

Alright so first up make sure to keep the bomb from blasting. The core section that holds the hard jelly obstructs the bombs from falling into the main part of the board making it very nearly difficult to take out the bomb since it is not likely you’ll have the capacity to make a match with the bomb in the top line. As the game progress, in the event that you perceive a bomb with a higher number than you have turns, don’t try to destroy it, as you will simply be wasting your moves destroying a bomb that you don’t need to.

Level 147 Tip 2: Make moves from the center or bottom
Alright so once you crush all the hard jelly in the center segment on level 147, you will need to focus on making your moves in the base or center of the board with a specific end goal to augment the capability of falling candies thumping out the top candies sparing you valuable moves.
It’s critical to recollect the final objective of killing those troublesome corner bits of jelly, so it is a great thought to begin wearing down the lowest part jelly with a specific end goal to achieve the infamous corner jellies, just about continually being the last bits of jelly left on your board.

Level 147 Tip 3: Utilize horizontal special candies to get the bottom jellies
Likewise with most troublesome jelly levels in Candy Crush Saga, the hardest a part of level 147 is disposing of those lowest part corner jellies.

Undoubtedly you will be running low on moves when they are open, and all too often that will be your ruin.

It’s vital to use special candies to crush these sneaky little pieces all around the level, providing for you the win.

The best methodology is activating horizontal special candies in the bottom row, as oftentimes as could reasonably be expected, to hit those corner pieces at the same time. A great trap is striving for a wrapped candy + striped candy combo, guaranteeing they are situated alongside one another in the range of those bothersome corner jams, near the bottom.

Above all recollect the way to candy crush level 147 is not using up moves, as this has been the ruin of numerous a candy crusher on level 147. On the off chance that you’ve been stuck on this level for some time you are most likely a master at taking out the bombs, however it is the special candies and special candy combos that are the most significant to completing level 147.

Because of the overabundance of jelly to clear on level 147, any combo you can get is going to help you, simply verify you are careful about the situating so as to amplify the full impact. Don’t go out squandering those special candies in spots that won’t destroy enough candies.