Candy Crush Saga Level 102 Cheats

This is a level you wish you could sidestep OR you simply had lot of special candies to use. Despite the fact that, for some, it is not difficult to move beyond this level on the off chance that you take as much time as required and simply settle on shrewd choices. In any case, if your objective is to get three stars, you are going to have an unpleasant time taking this level to the top. That is the reason we have gotten together a couple of tips and systems to help you to play candy crush level 102.

Candy Crush Level 102

Tips/ Basic Strategy

Objective: Bring down all the ingredients (four in total) and reach 65,000 points to complete the level.

Your greatest mission here, aside from the self-evident, is to free the level of chocolate. With the spinners around them, they can’t develop, nor would you be able to uproot it. Thus, until you break those spinners, you aren’t going to manage the chocolates either. Your best wager is to attempt and put striped or wrapped confections on the same line and push directly through the spinners and chocolate, obliterating everything in its way. Color bomb will work as well. Regardless, once the spinners are gone, the chocolates must be evacuated ASAP. Attempt to not be overpowered, this is extremely possible.

The 102nd level is Salty Canyon’s seventh and the 32nd ingredients level. Keeping in mind the end goal to move beyond this level, four ingredients must be dropped, while additionally scoring 65,000 points. In any case, as dependably, at whatever point you are left with additional moves, the level will initiate their special candies, abandoning you with extra points.


  • 3 stars: 145,000 points
  • 2 stars: 115,000 points
  • 1 star: 65,000 points

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