Candy Crush Levels

Candy Crush Saga is most popular game developed by King. No wonder if you are one of its players. I love the game and play daily. - Guide & Tips to play Candy Crush Saga

Here I am sharing some information for new users.

Candy Crush Saga currently has 530 levels, all within 36 episodes. Every episode has 15 levels except for the first two, which only have 10. Candy Crush covered entire levels within 6 worlds. If you get difficulties at any levels then game ask you your interest. You vote whether the level is interested or not. So we can say that the game is well managed, and easy to learn or easy to judge individuals progress.

Apart from 6 worlds, the game has one more world named Dream World. It is a new world and is separate from the main candy crush saga. This world has total 140 levels. When player complete any episode and does not have permission to enter into new episode then he can play in Dream world. At this point players have two options either spend money to enter into new episode or ask Facebook friend for help. Do Dream world is really like a dream, you can play even you don’t have permission to enter into episode. Yes, you must have lives to play.

Also all the levels are of certain type. Each level is on the basis of anyone mentioned below-

  • Moves: Get a fix amount of points in a fix number of moves
  • Jelly: Clear all the jelly on the board
  • Ingredients: Bring all the ingredients down to the bottom of the board
  • Timed: Get a certain number of points within the time limit
  • Candy Order: Crush the number of candies given on the board in a fix number of moves

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