Candy Crush it – Guide, Tips & Videos to play Candy Crush Saga

Today I am here to introduce you all to my earlier published website named “Candy Crush IT”.

Candy Crush IT - Guide, Tips & Videos to play Candy Crush Saga

Idea behind this website came from “Candy Crush 135“. Months ago I got too much difficulty while playing Candy Crush Saga Level 135. So I created a blog “Candy Crush 135” to provide guide and tips especially for level 135. And later I got very good response from that blog so I convert that into web look and decide to develop another website to provide tips to play entire Candy Crush levels.

Candy Crush it” has everything you need to know to play Candy Crush Saga well. Till date I have updated up to level 464 and soon will update other levels too.

Website has separate page for each level. At each level you will get a tutorial, tips and video for that particular level. Tricks’ explanations using video is the best part of this website. Video is most helpful if someone is slow in English.

Overall it is a fantastic website. We explain everything deeply i.e. number of episodes and levels in each episode. It will help you if you want deep details about game before playing.

Keep visiting our blog to get updates from “Candy Crush it” and to get updates about King and Candy Crush Saga.

Suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to contact or  Tweet me at @michaelyork_


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