Just completed Candy Crush Saga Level 135

I am writing to share my experience of playing Candy Crush Saga Level 135.

  • Let’s start from beginning.

Candy Crush Level 135

  •  To clear the level my target was to collect 5 color bombs within 45 Moves and need to collect at least 10 K points.

1 Start – 10 K

2 star – 70 K

3 star – 95 K

Starting to play Candy Crush Level 135

  • Below images will show how I completed the level. This image is showing how I collected first color bomb.

Collect first Color Bomb

  • The last color bomb

Collected Last Color Bomb

  • And the result is below

Last Color Bomb Collected

  • Above color bomb was the last required color bomb. Post getting that all remaining 38 moves converted into special candies and I reach from 51,460 points to 167,360 point.

Special Candies Activated

  • Finally the level 135 was completed.

Candy Crush Saga Level 135 Completed

Visit us at Candy Crush 135 to get tips to play level 135 and visit at Candy Crush IT to get tips to play entire Candy Crush Saga levels.


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