Candy Crush Levels’ Update

I am Candy Crush Saga Lover. I play this game in all my free time or you can say I am crazy about it. Likely other Candy Crush Lover I used to check King’s website and twitter. Today, King tweet about Candy Crush Levels’ update. He mentioned that the levels have been updated. Visit original tweet here.

Difficult to recognize updates:

I am happy with the updates and at the same time I am little panic because I am unable to recognize all the updates. When I click on link mentioned in tweet, I did not found clearance about changes. Check the screenshot-

Level Updates

Level Updates

King’s original shared image-

King's Tweeted Image

King’s Tweeted Image

So, I am writing to all Candy Crush Players and requesting to write few words about the update.

About me:

I am Michael York. I own multiple websites. One of them is providing tips to play Candy Crush Level 135. Now I am working on a website to provide guide and tips along with images and videos to play the entire levels. So your feedback about King’s update will be a help to me to collect data.


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