Tips to play Candy Crush Saga

I am playing Candy Crush Saga from 2013. I found this game most interesting and popular. So I thought to share my tips to others to play well. Follow the below mentioned steps to play well.

  • Number of matching candies: Try to not to crush candies by matching three candies only. Always try to match 4/5 candies together so that you can create special candy which is more useful.

1 (2)

  • Try to create many special candies and crush them together to get extra points and to finish level easily.

Special Candies

  • Jelly in corner/bottom: You should take time in analyzing how you can reach corner/bottom’s jelly because such jelly creates big problems of moves or time. You may try to crush them first.

Corner's Candy

  • Use daily booster: Boosters help you to clear any level easily. When you play then boosters unlocked as per game’s rule. And you can purchase too. But Candy Crush Saga provide free daily booster. You just need to start Candy Crush Saga, Open daily booster wheel from bottom, spin wheel and stop. When the wheel will be stop then the booster which will be in front of arrow will be unlocked. You can use that booster now.Daily Booster
  • Use all the moves: When target achieved then the level completes and new level starts. So what if you have achieved the target and your moves? You should utilize that too. You should try to utilize all your moves. To utilize all the moves use following trick (i.e. you need to clear all the jelly): When you are about to finish level, don’t finish. And fix candies in such a way that you can complete level in fix number of moves. Use remaining moves to make points and when only required moves left then finish the level by clearing all the jelly. By doing so, you can make extra points.Number of moves
  • Extra Lives by cheating time: Many players use this technique and many don’t know about it. This trick is for mobile users, who don’t use their Facebook account to play Candy Crush Saga and play from mobiles. By using this trick mobile users can get extra lives. You only need to set the clock time few hours ahead and then start to play again. You can do simply from your phone’s Time and Date Settings. You will have to take care about AM/PM if you will change the time around 12. By doing so, you will get extra lives.Time Cheating
  • Importance of Fish Candies: Fish candies play a very good role in this game because they work on remaining jelly that’s currently out of your reach in the level. It is better if you save your fish candies to use in the last of level because at that time you may require a big help. By doing so, you will complete levels fast.Fish Candies
  • Utilizing +5 Candy: +5 Candies are the candies which increase your time by 5 second. So if you crush 4 such candies then your time will increase by 20 second. So never leave +5 candies uncrushed. Crush them and increase your time.+5 candies

These are common steps can help in many levels. I don’t know what you think about level 135 but I found this level the most difficult level of this game. So I create a different website specially for level 135.


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